River City Ballet

“The Gift of the Nutcracker”

Clara      Elizabeth Jent    (Sophia Brown)

Party Dancers      Lucie Dennison     Rhiannon Prather

Nutcracker Soldier Doll     Noelia Barnes

Snowflakes      Elizabeth Jent     Lexi Hall

Sugar Plum Fairy      Iliana Rich    (Ella Brown)

Butterfly      Lexi Brown    (Ella Lundquist)

Fairies      Samantha Furby    Ally Springston

Spanish      Astrid Westerfield     

Chinese      Sophia Brown 

Reed Flute      Ella Brown    (Lexi Brown)

Hungarian      Noelia Barnes     Sophia Brown 

Polichinelles      Elizabeth Jent with

Claire Dennison     Sophia Sherrill     Sarah Skarbo   

Dewdrop      Ella Lundquist    (Iliana Rich)

Waltz of the Flowers      Noelia Barnes     Astrid Westerfield    (Lexi Brown)



Cinderella     Ella Brown

Spring Fairy     Ella Lundquist

Summer Fairy      Lexi Brown

Autumn Fairy      Iliana Rich

Dance of the Hours

Noelia Barnes

Sophia Brown

Elizabeth Jent

Astrid Westerfield



Dance of the Hours
Don Quixote
Dr. Coppelius’ Enchanted Workshop
Gershwin Dances
In the Hall of the Mountain King
Mephisto Waltz
Sleeping Beauty, Prologue
Sleeping Beauty, Act 3
The Nutcracker, Act 2
The Gift of the Nutcracker