River City Ballet

Nutcracker Casting 2019

Performances Nov. 9  and Dec. 7 & 8 

Understudies listed in parenthesis

Clara    Noelia Barnes (Elizabeth Jent)

Party Dancers    Tessa Fulkerson  Fenley Jenkins  Connor Lin                                  Elsa Rasigade   Audrey Xie

Nutcracker Soldier Doll    Emma King

Lead Snowflakes    Lexi Brown     Ella Lundquist

Snowflakes    Sophia Brown   Stacey Hu   Elizabeth Jent   Isabela Wilmes

Sugar Plum Fairy    Charlotte Wright       (Bethany Roup and Ella Brown)

Butterfly   Ella Lundquist     (Carissa Vincent)

Lead Spanish    Carissa Vincent          

Spanish   Emma King   Iliana Rich

Reed Flute    Bethany Roup       (Iliana Rich)

Chinese    Ella Brown    Emma King

Polichinelles    Noelia Barnes with                                                                                 Lexi Hall   Sophia Sherrill   Sarah Skarbo

Hungarian    Lexi Brown

Dewdrop     Ella Brown       (Charlotte Wright)

Waltz of the Flowers   Iliana Rich    Carissa Vincent      (Lexi Brown and Ella Lundquist)    

Sprites   Samantha Furby   Sadie Hernandez

Fairies   Jordan Krieg    Carolina Tyler



“Gershwin Dances”

Full Cast

“’S Wonderful”
Lexi Brown
Ella Lundquist

“Allegro ben ritmato e deciso”
Bethany Roup

“My One and Only”
Charlotte Wright

“Do, Do, Do

Emma King

“Bidin’ My Time”
Iliana Rich and Carissa Vincent

“Fascinating Rhythm”
Ella Brown

“Sweet and Low Down”
Noelia Barnes, Sophia Brown, Elizabeth Jent, Isabela Wilmes

Full Cast




Dance of the Hours
Don Quixote
Dr. Coppelius’ Enchanted Workshop
Gershwin Dances
In the Hall of the Mountain King
Mephisto Waltz
Sleeping Beauty, Prologue
Sleeping Beauty, Act 3
The Nutcracker, Act 2
The Gift of the Nutcracker