River City Ballet


Spring 2020


Bethany Roup         (Ella Brown)

Fairy Godmothers

Ella Brown             Charlotte Wright

Four Seasons:

Spring Fairy           Ella Lundquist

Summer Fairy        Lexi Brown

Autumn Fairy         Iliana Rich

Winter Fairy           Carissa Vincent

Lead Dance of the Hours                  

Macie Labar

Dance of the Hours       

Noelia Barnes                    

Sophia Brown

Elizabeth Jent                 

Eva Rasigade

Isabela Wilmes               

Emelia Wright






Dance of the Hours
Don Quixote
Dr. Coppelius’ Enchanted Workshop
Gershwin Dances
In the Hall of the Mountain King
Mephisto Waltz
Sleeping Beauty, Prologue
Sleeping Beauty, Act 3
The Nutcracker, Act 2
The Gift of the Nutcracker